The DinosaurAH!torium Foundation

The DinosaurAH!torium Foundation is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit foundation that manages the Museum and is currently engaged in activities including offering membership opportunities, operating the gift shop, and seeking grants and funding from individual, corporate, and governmental sources for major projects .

Mission: Why we exist

The mission of the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm is to research, preserve, interpret, and exhibit the fossil resources of the area and the story of this specific site for the benefit, education, and enjoyment of our valued communities and the scientific world.

Vision: The impacts we strive to have

The St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm is an anchor for the Earth sciences in the southern Utah region. Through its exhibitions and programs, the Museum strives to inspire critical thinking, awaken curiosity, and deepen understanding about the natural world and humanity’s place in it. Through our collections, the Museum aims to pursue excellence in scientific research.

Mandate: What we do

The St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson farm:

  • Presents compelling exhibitions and programs that link the local geology and paleontological story of our site to broader Earth science and natural history concepts
  • Delivers educational programs and learning experiences to our visitors
  • Generates and shares new knowledge and research through exhibitions and publications
  • Collects, preserves, and interprets fossil resources from the southern Utah region and strives to partner with scientists from around the world to further these goals


The Board of Trustees:

  • Dr. Gary D. Watts, Educator
  • Mr. Lyle Drake, JD, Attorney
  • Dr. Jerry Harris, Director of Paleontology, Dixie State University, Site Consultant
  • Mr. Mike Spilker, CPA
  • Mr. Ed Baca, St. George City Council Member
  • Mr. Terance White, Architect
  • Dr. Donald Fisher, Marketing Professor, Dixie State University
  • Mr. Bill Biesele, President of the Utah Friends of Paleontology, Southern Chapter
  • Ms. Sue Barnes,¬†NATSAP SNAP President
  • Ms. LaVerna Johnson, Educator – Advisory Member
  • Mr. Darcy Stewart, President, SunRiver Corporation – Advisory Member


  • Diana Azevedo, Executive Director, 435-574-3466, x1
  • Andrew Milner, Site Paleontologist & Curator, 435-574-3466, x2
  • Jaleesa Spor, Assistant Director, 435-574-3466, x1
  • Jessica Gomez, Social Media Marketer and Gift Shop Associate, 435-574-3466, x3